Some Old Tracks EP

by 3 Eyed Man

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released April 11, 2015

All Music and Lyrics by 3 Eyed Man
Album Photo by 3 Eyed Man
Recording and Mixing by 3 Eyed Man
Recorded at Sounds From A Room Studio



all rights reserved


3 Eyed Man Stratford, Ontario

3 Eyed Man is the moniker for Nick Ross. It is his voice, his expression of the chaotic noises within his head directed into the ears of the listeners. Driven by the inspiration of music, poetry, the noise of world in all its "glory" and the whirlwind of life around him. ... more

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Track Name: Funny Place for a Funny Person
Look at the man in the top hat
Givin' the whats what like he's the big cat
Make sure to wipe your feet on his welcome mat
Come on in
You have arrived
Funny place for a funny person
Go on in
Don't you mind the mess
You can trust him
He is nicely dressed
Just don't stay to long
Or you won't be is guest
Come on in
You have arrived
Funny place for a funny person
You now have his smile
So welcome home
Time to get measured for your tinfoil dome
Your room looks really comfortable with the walls of foam
Just take a seat and let your mind roam
Come on in
You have arrived
Funny place for a funny person
Track Name: Don't Try to Figure It Out
Don't try to figure it out
You can't change it
Just live with it
Track Name: No One Sees the Devil (Radio Friendly Cut)
See the red brick walls
And all those fancy windows
The line that goes through the door
No one sees the devil but me?
I can see the evil
It's disguise don't fool me
I know what i see
No one sees the devil but me?
Come on! All you people
Join in lets dance
Don't worry about the others
They're tied to their ignorance
Let them be
Let them do what they do
No one sees the devil but me
Track Name: The Painted Clown (How to Turn Around?)
Bored of being lazy
Can't connect, can't stream my dream
Wide awake but I feel asleep
Sinking further, it's getting deep
Doesn't change with the passing time
Already dead, so i can't die
Pass it around and have a look
Can't learn this stuff from a book
Sit right down and have a stare
Try to pretend like you care
Yeah Andy, he was right
How quickly they all take flight
Look at the painted clown
Doesn't he make you fuckin frown
We're lost, to far gone
How to turn around?
Bring down, to move on
How to turn around?
Track Name: Bubble Gum on My Shoe
Bubble gum on my shoe
What am I supposed to do?
Now I'm sticky like glue
Can't believe i'm going through
Bubble gum on my shoe
They try to tell me what to do
They should all get a clue
Why are there so few?
Who are not painted blue
Afraid to try something new
Sitting around with nothing to do
Time passes quickly too
Bubble gum on my shoe
A dull grey, pale blue
Faded colours running through
What am I supposed to do?
There's no way that it's new
Guess I'm the one with no clue
Morning grass wet with dew
Perfect when you're sticky like glue